Mend: Listen Now & Listen Good

Mend: Listen Now & Listen Good is a one-time theater event taking place in celebration on Mother’s Day and artist autonomy on May 13, 5-7pm on PUNTO’s main stage. A diverse group of multidisciplinary women in the arts, performers, and storytellers will take the stage on topics to include gender, age, culture, motherhood and being a woman. Read More

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Clarice Lispector

Meet the Muse of Group .BR’s Inside the Wild Heart

Regarded as Brazil’s Kafka, Clarice Lispector’s disturbing yet brilliant stories provokes spiritual feelings in all her readers. Both Jewish, however, one male and one female exemplify literary greatness. Nonetheless, Clarice’s struggled in a society that belittled women and that is what differentiates her from other writers. That, and the mysterious mysticality of her writing. She is considered Brazil’s biggest female writer and with or without success, with happiness or lack thereof, Clarice wrote until the day she died. In February […]

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Group .BR’s Saravá! Wild Carnival: A Summer Brazilian Daycation to Remember

Inspired by the carnivals of Pernambuco, Group.BR partners with Brasil Summerfest to bring a mix of fun, art, and culture in it’s newest event: Saravá! Wild Carnival. Accompanied with Brazil’s top 4 DJs and happening at the House of Yes on August 12th, Savará! is a high-energy party for those who love to move freely to Brazilian music. Read More

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2018: A Deeper Commitment to the Arts

Somehow, it’s 2018. As I walk away from an incredible year that focused on theater directing and, of course, my roles as executive director of Group .BR, co-founder of PUNTO Space, and co-founder of Nettles Artists Collective, I am now greeted with a noiseless surge of creative possibilities. After lots of laughter, a few sniffles, and time spent with family and friends, the new year arrived so quickly I didn’t have time to have any expectations.   Read More

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Upon receiving the news that Apple of My Eye (or Menina dos Meus Olhos in Brazilian Portuguese), a play I discovered and directed, won a 2016 Brazilian International Press Award, the first thing that crossed my mind was surprising Sandie Luna, my creative partner, with the news.  All at once, I felt both bursting excitement and deep gratitude. 

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