Directors Reel

Debora proudly directed and co-produced Apple of My Eye (Menina dos Meus Olhos), the first professionally produced play written and performed by an ​artist with Down syndrome, Tathiana Piancastelli. Apple of My Eye received a prestigious invitation to present at UNICEF in honor of National Down Syndrome Day and received a Brazilian International Press Award 2016 (BIPA) for Best Theatrical Production. WATCH NOW


A work in progress solo performance about the “backlash” of happiness and what it means to be one more person with a million questions in a crowded world of lonely people. * Photo by Rafael Acata

Inside the Wild Heart

Inside the Wild Heart is an immersive theatrical experience based on the works of acclaimed Brazilian female author, Clarice Lispector. * Photo by Erika Morillo | LEARN MORE | WATCH NOW

Bother Line

Bother Line is an original solo performance piece created and conceptualized by Gio Mielle exploring humanization versus dehumanization and the daily impact it has on our bodies and identities. * Photo by Rafael Acata | LEARN MORE

Infinite While It Lasts

Group .BR original site specific production based on the works and life of Brazilian poet, composer and most known for being one of the creators of Bossa Nova and it’s biggest hits such as Girl From Ipanema, Vinicius de Moraes. * Photo by Sônia Braga | LEARN MORE | WATCH NOW

Saravá! Dance Party

Saravá! is a Brazilian party for those who love to move freely and include performances and visual arts. Created by Group .BR, NY’s only Brazilian theater company, the parties are always inspired by the company’s upcoming production and serve as a fundraising. * Photo courtesy of Group .BR | LEARN MORE

Happy Hour Online

A happy hour with readings and chat about Clarice Lispector’s work and life hosted through Zoom. | LEARN MORE

Clarice’s Hour

A partnership between Group .BR (NY's only Brazilian theater company) and Moreira Salles Institute from Brazil that brings New York Clarice's Hour (Hora de Clarice), a worldwide celebration of Clarice Lispector's birthday. | LEARN MORE

Reading .BR

A series of readings of works by Brazilian writers. * Photo courtesy of Group .BR | LEARN MORE

The Serpent

Group .BR’s first production written by Brazil’s most known playwright, Nelson Rodrigues. * Photo courtesy of Nettles Artists Collective | LEARN MORE | WATCH NOW

Mend: Listen Now & Listen Good

Mend: Listen Now & Listen Good celebrated live and staged performances of autonomous women artists for Mother’s Day to include Robyn Charles, daughter of the late icon Ray Charles, and Laura Gomez (OITNB).

The Seven Kittens

Evoé Collective presents Brazil Reads Brasil - 1st Edition. Written by the acclaimed brazilian writer Nelson Rodrigues. Directed by Débora Balardini. Supported by Group .BR and former Punto Space. * Photo by Adam Jellicorse courtesy of Evoé Collective (NYC) | LEARN MORE

Dance Feelings

A fun class on Brazilian rhythms such as côco, samba, frevo, and ciranda. Each workshop is related to the theme and music styles of the Saravá! parties by Group .BR usually held at House of Yes. * Photo courtesy of Group .BR | LEARN MORE

Pão de Queijo Brunch

A pleasant afternoon with lots of pão de queijo (cheese bread), other Brazilian treats, beer, caipirinhas, our signature drink Wild Coffee, art, and performances. * Photo by Andressa Furletti courtesy of Group .BR | LEARN MORE

Make Your Own Mask

A two day workshop focusing on making masks while savoring some Brazilian treats as you create. There is no right or wrong, just loose creativity and surprising results. * Photo by Maria Gabriela Medeiros courtesy of Group .BR | LEARN MORE

Apple of My Eye

An innovative physical theater piece that marks the first time ever a play written by an artist with down syndrome is professionally produced. A romantic love, “normality”, inclusion and community through the use of movement, text and video. * Photo courtesy of Nettles Artists Collective | LEARN MORE | WATCH NOW

Hatha Yoga

#PuntoInspires was a professional advancement and growth initiative in partnership with the Grace Institute and the H.O.P.E. Program produced at PUNTO Space. * Photo courtesy of Kissing Lions Public Relations

Night of the Iguana

A reading of Tennessee Williams’ Night of the Iguana directed by Ricardo Reithmuller, Artistic Director of East Third Production. The evening took place at the Sheen Center in Manhattan. * Art courtesy of East 3rd Productions

Chapter 10 by James Joyce

A multidisciplinary interpretation of the 19 sessions of Ulysses’ Episode #10 - Wandering Rocks by James Joyce in collaboration with Matthew Gallery and Montez Press Magazine. * Photo courtesy of Nettles Artists Collective | LEARN MORE

PanNYC Workshop

Renowned Paris-based Pantheatre offered its yearly training by artistic directors Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise in NYC. Produced by Nettles Artists Collective, PanNYC is an intensive workshop focusing on Voice Performance and Choreographic Theatre. * Photo by Melissa Faguy | LEARN MORE

FourLegged Melancholy

An exploration of our melancholic selves – the part of us that lives with the echo of what has been lost. It goes to a place where melancholy is NOT all sadness, but rather a complex state of being, with a full range of emotions. LEARN MORE | WATCH NOW

Klingon Opera

A presentation of Klingon musical research at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center, NY by the fabled Klingon Terran Research Ensemble. Workshop lead and given by Thomas Johannsen. Project and research by Floris Schönfeld. | WATCH NOW


Performed in La Pajarera (The BirdCage) at Universidad Mayor in Santiago - a colonial theatre space. With 16 participants and the musicians of Merken - basen on choreographic theatre improvisation structures and on texts chosen by the actors directed by Enrique Pardo. WATCH NOW

A Fronteira (The Frontier)

The Story of two Brazilian families who put everything at risk and cross the border into the United States from Mexico, in search of a better life. Feature film directed by Roberto Carminati (Boston 2001). LEARN MORE | WATCH NOW

First of the Month

Independent movie | WATCH NOW

A Haunting in Connecticut

An American paranormal anthology previewing stories told by the victims. Victims tell their terrifing encounters with the paranormal. This show contains narrations, frightening reanactments, & religious content. Discovery Channel - US 2009. | LEARN MORE | WATCH NOW

The Body: A Force for Change

Theater games and exercises that make us grow as performers and as human beings. Created in a safe environment for self-expression and discovery through movement and vocal work, this workshop is geared towards the general public. LEARN MORE

E.I! E.I.!O.H!

A devised work by the Nettles Artists Collective around the theme of emotional intelligence. * Photo by Joseph Silva Photography | LEARN MORE

The King in Yellow

The King in Yellow is an exploration of the themes of death. The meaning in our lives and the lives of the countless generations who have come before us. LEARN MORE

The Dark Side of the Woods

Nettles Artist Collective brought the site specific original piece The Dark Side of the Woods, an exploration of fairy tales through movement, live music, and unforgettable characters. * Photo by Andressa Furletti

Meu Vazio é o Movimento

Original solo piece with text and performance by Alana Rosa. A metaphor used to express the urgency and existence in life, starting from the idea of ​​being born. Special guest: Adilson Mol (Poem "Eros e Psiquê" de Fernando Pessoa)

Inside. Not Looking Out.

An exploration through movement and found text of the multifaceted human, focusing particularly on the presence of masculine and feminine intelligence in both man and woman. * Photos by Gilberto Tadday | LEARN MORE