My Services

Reveal and provoke expression.

Artists, reach your full potential and capabilities through tailored sessions that support you in career succession and mastering the business of art.


The longer we stay within our comfort zone, the less happy we tend to be. It takes energy to move something into action. Let’s take the first step.


Everything starts with a thought. Lack of proper motivation will make us stay in an unpleasant situation for fear of discomfort. Commit to your whole being. No excuses.


Discover Self-knowledge, a well-developed understanding of what matters to YOU, and all the potential you have by finding your place and your personal voice as an artist.

Debora’s private coaching sessions center on making the body and voice an unhindered, whole, tuned instrument for emotion and expression. Through a visceral connection of body and mind, central concepts of this work, Debora helps artists find their place and voice based on practices and explorations of different techniques ranging from Hatha Yoga, Choreographic Theatre, Roy Hart Technique, Ideokinesis, Heller Work, Eutonia, Klaus Viana Technique, and Fedora Aberasturi System of Movement.

Ad Hoc

Hourly Sessions
  • Survey
  • Assessment
  • Identify session focus
  • Scope
  • Session roll out overview
  • 2 hour session
  • Final hand-off


Let’s Collaborate! Combination Tailored Series
  • Survey
  • Assessment
  • Identify session focus
  • Scope
  • Session rollout overview
  • 1-2 hour tailored session series
  • Final hand off


You can’t always cultivate your craft on your own. That’s what creative allies are.


No one knows your niche like you do but when it’s time to grow, craft your next move.


Movement, whether you perform or choreograph, is not all plie relevé. All artists need strategy.


The times change but your medium may stay the same and still—your vision is not just a one-note cliché.


Enrich the daily social media grind with your authentic voice and vision.


Live your art with conviction; run your business like a boss.

It's time.

Change Something; Achieve Something; Attain Something; Become Something.