Theatre Events

Saravá! Dance Party

Saravá! is a Brazilian party for those who love to move freely and include performances and visual arts. Created by Group .BR, NY’s only Brazilian theater company, the parties are always inspired by the company’s upcoming production and serve as a fundraising. * Photo courtesy of Group .BR | LEARN MORE

Happy Hour Online

A happy hour with readings and chat about Clarice Lispector’s work and life hosted through Zoom. | LEARN MORE

Clarice’s Hour

A partnership between Group .BR (NY's only Brazilian theater company) and Moreira Salles Institute from Brazil that brings New York Clarice's Hour (Hora de Clarice), a worldwide celebration of Clarice Lispector's birthday. | LEARN MORE

Reading .BR

A series of readings of works by Brazilian writers. * Photo courtesy of Group .BR | LEARN MORE

Mend: Listen Now & Listen Good

Mend: Listen Now & Listen Good celebrated live and staged performances of autonomous women artists for Mother’s Day to include Robyn Charles, daughter of the late icon Ray Charles, and Laura Gomez (OITNB).

Pão de Queijo Brunch

A pleasant afternoon with lots of pão de queijo (cheese bread), other Brazilian treats, beer, caipirinhas, our signature drink Wild Coffee, art, and performances. * Photo by Andressa Furletti courtesy of Group .BR | LEARN MORE